5 design ideas for a creative and modern workplace

A recent study on the working population in our country showed that an employee spends an average of 30 to 40% of his or her waking time in the office. Considering this, the new trend among employers is to provide their employees a work environment that will boost their mood and thereby better productivity.

The mood and morale of an individual is greatly influenced by their surroundings. Colors, furniture and décor greatly affect the feel of a space. While setting a calm and satisfying mood is an important criterion, ease of movement and ergonomics are also very vital design concepts in commercial space décor as it is directly proportional to productivity. A good office design finds the right balance between all these factors.

Here are five design ideas to keep in mind while decorating a creative and modern commercial workplace

1. Maximize use of natural light and greenery
Office spaces which have a lot of natural light are observed to elevate the mood of the employees. Offices on higher floors can take advantage of this to provide more natural light and inspiring views by using larger windows in areas where privacy is not a criterion. For offices that do not have access to natural light, use LED lights instead of fluorescent lights which are harsh to the eye and less cost effective.

2. Create a flexible office space
A word most frequented by the best interior decorator for modern working places is Flexibility. The word flexibility in terms of office furniture implies adjustable, multi-functional and Modular. Foldable or collapsible walls and modules further amplify the flexibility of a space. This gives the employees the freedom without the disorder to increase innovation by collaborating and brainstorming at the same time maximizing productivity

3. Make the best of technology to streamline your office
Technology can be your best inspiration while decorating a commercial space. All of today’s work revolves around technology. Productivity can be increased by connectivity and in turn, connectivity is improved by technology. Create a space which has all the features to install the best technology and ensure that it is easy to update periodically.

4. Creative use of colors and textures
In terms of color always follow the thumb rule, a little goes along way. Use a combination of complementary colors to keep things peppy and fresh. A color palette of neutral shaded metallic’s will create a futuristic yet pleasing environment. Choose a color palette that brings out your company’s culture. Textures are also a great way to manipulate the feel of a space. Even an office with a minimalistic design concept can introduce a few varied textures to increase the sensory aspects of the room. The best interior decorators always use a little mix of textures to create a focal point or accentuate a room.

5. Go green indoors
It is scientifically proven that looking at greenery improves vision and calms the mind. A lot of premier offices provide a green platform for employees to rejuvenate. The Google Zurich office even has an indoor jungle. But if these aren’t feasible, then small steps like introducing a few indoor plants or a potted plant on the desk can be done. This can go a long way in influencing the employee’s levels of serenity and happiness.

The mood an office sets is directly proportional to employee productivity. By using the above mentioned tips there is little doubt that your employees will feel good and result in a positive and energetic office atmosphere.

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