Bedroom Paint Ideas: What’s Your COOL Colour Personality?

Painting, the way through which the colours get a canvas to flaunt their beauty, goes beyond perception, to the inner affinity of a person. When such an affinity finds its truest place of belonging within the intimacy of a bedroom, the blend of Interior Design and Psychology happens. Your space can be both a chameleon and a mirror. While in the farther, the spaces mimic the colour of your personality, the latter type reflects your personality, making it witness the highest degree of personalisation. When all this take the form of a tint or shade of a colour, your colour personality finds its ultimate place.

What does your bedroom colour tell about you? Or, what do you have to tell on your Bedroom paint ideas to feel the ultimate personalisation?

Explore your colour personality.

Get your paint ideas as COOL as your cool-colour personality.


Are you a nature lover whose eyes are always on the lookout for fresh green chromes adding the pop of cool tones across every place?


GREEN is the colour for your bedroom, which could constantly add delight to your mind. Imagine waking up to the shades of leaves and the feel of trees that let you visualise greenery in indoors! The green colour personality finds joy right there!

GREEN PSYCHOLOGY: Green colour symbolises of Nature, Health, Luck and Safety.


Are you the aqua-philic who strongly fights against the idea of aqua-phobia and craves the traces of blue hues in every place trespassed?


BLUE is the colour for your bedroom, which could radiate moisture even in a guest house tucked away in some desert land! Imagine waking up to the coolness of the blue hues that mimic the sky and the deep waters at the same time, letting your mind fly and swim at the same time. “The Aqua-philic” finds peace right there!

BLUE PSYCHOLOGY: Blue colour symbolises Peace & Calmness, Trust, Intuitiveness and Intelligence.


Do you crush over the colour purple so much that everything from your wardrobe choices till the vehicle choices are in purple?


PURPLE is the colour for your bedroom too, which could bring the traces of universe and constellations right within the interior volumes. Imagine going to sleep encircled by the colour of fantasy-land and magic that could only make your dreams better, quietly taking the mind to the state of rest under the deep hues. “The purple crush” gets its euphoria right there!

PURPLE PSYCHOLOGY: Purple colour symbolises Wealth, Containment, Creativity and Spirituality.


Are you the royal blue kind of person who always re-assures class and appeal with the deep shades of the colour?


ROYAL BLUE: is the perfect colour for your bedroom too, reflecting the memoirs of the kingly era and its sophistication in every square feet of the painted area. Imagine resting like the royalty right at the comfort of your own space! “The one of Blue Kingdom” gets the throne, right at that place!

Amidst being the complementary colours that appear equally “COOL” for your bedroom, every colour is personal, just as every colour personality is unique.

Stay tuned for the next series of colour personalities in the warm colour tones.

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