Clever Wardrobe design ideas for small spaces

Have you ever had to forgo buying a new piece of clothing just because your existing wardrobe has no room to store any more clothes? This article may then be the answer you have been looking for to help you get the best out of your space.

The words ‘maximum storage’ and ‘sleek design’ when strung together do seem a little contradicting. But there is a way to achieve the optimal storage solution without having to compromise on style with some creative thinking. Here are some ideas by top interior decorators which will help.

1. Type of doors
Sliding doors are doors which move horizontally and are fixed at the top and bottom. This type of door does not require much space and gives the option of having more than three panels. These types of doors give a modern and sleek statement to the room. These wardrobes provide plentiful space to hang clothes full length and also provide a solution to store luggage, shoes etc.

Another option is the bifold door. These doors consist of a door divided into two panels which can fold into itself. Similar to the sliding door this takes up much lesser space in the room and does not hinder movement in the room. It has the added advantage of not requiring at least three sections to function properly. It is also comparatively less expensive.

2. End to end wardrobes
Constructing built in wardrobes which occupy one end of the wall to another can provide a lot of storage, at the same time not intruding into the space. These built in wardrobes can be fitted in a way to utilize every available inch of space. It can also be customized to provide a niche or an area cut out in between to accommodate a bed or study table. For an added benefit match the design or color of the wardrobes to that of the walls so that the wardrobes don’t over power the small space and provide a seamless vision of the entire room.

3. Lofty solutions
For spaces that are small but have height, a creative use of space is to
install a wardrobe with lots of lofts. Items which are not required to be used regularly like winter wear; luggage etc. can be stored here. This will free your wardrobe of a lot of space and ensure your room is not cluttered. Aesthetically also, a loft as a design feature tends to draw the eye upwards, making the room look much larger.

4. Mirror, mirror on the wardrobe
A very cost effective and ingenious way to make your bedroom look larger and hide the bulky closet is the use of Mirrors. Mirrors if used intelligently can make the room look double in size. They increase the light in the room and make the room look bright and cheerful overall. The entire surface of the wardrobe can be mirrored to get maximum benefit.

5. Using light color palette
Light colors are known to create an illusion of space. They also make the area look brighter and bigger. Colors like white, off white, grey and other neutrals can be used on your wardrobe so that its’ bulkiness is masked. The light colored wardrobe can open up the entire room and also be seamlessly matched with the light or complemented to the dark walls of the room.

All these wardrobe ideas have their own merits and demerits. In the end it is important to pick the right combination to fit your requirements and space.

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