8 Ways to make your home very stylish

STYLE is a word seen with multiple synonyms. And so is the word STYLISH. Especially when it comes to your home, creating an appealing interior environment needs a lot of making and breaking of rules. Relax and treat our senses with an equally appealing knowledge about the beauty of home interior design.

Take expert advice and go ahead with the making of your stylish home design.

Here are eight ways to make your home stylish:

1) Choose from the contemporary color palette

Give a trending look to your home with stylish home interior design comprising of the contemporary colors across the interior volumes of your home. Choose from the tints of the colors to make the space feel bigger and the shades of the colors to give a cosy compact ambience.

While going for the blend of colors, experiment the colorful looks on various levels by choosing different colors for different interior elements such as furniture, wall faces etc.

AVOID an overdose of colors on a single element such as multiple colors on walls.CHOOSE from the trends revolving around classic pastel tones, neutral tones and the colorful contrasts of bright tones.

2) Accentuate the wall features

Make use of the large expanse of the wall surfaces in showcasing home interior design features that in turn break the monotonicity of the interior surfaces. Perk up the space with artistic expression from the wall faces by emphasizing specific areas and thoughtfully distributed textured finishes around the wall openings that would have an impact with the light intrusion. Take the privilege to select the best interiors in Chennai that load you with myriad surface finishes and other design decoration elements to the wall.

AVOID heavy enclosures or solid layers that add the ‘heavy’ feeling to the interiors.

CHOOSE from among the textured wall, freestanding wall or inlays/outlays adding depth with 3-dimensional effect to the wall.

3) Get the customizable interior pieces

Keeping your home stylish means keeping your home ready for every season, every occasion. Experiment with the different styles of home interior design by completing your space with customizable spaces that give room for modification by the user. Be it a rich traditional look on the festive days or the casual urban look every day, the space must make room for every furniture and decor to be added.

AVOID clustering the interior elements.

CHOOSE fewer customizable pieces that could be a base for seasonal additions taking the emphasis. Manage the cost factors alongside and select best interiors in Chennai to get the vogue look!

4) Go for the universal furniture

Furniture is the key element adding density to your home interior design. Keeping it light could make it blend with any degree of complexity in the background. Be it the classic shades of colors or a mix-match of contrasting hues or intricate traditional patterns layering the interior volumes; keeping the furniture minimal would shift the focus to the artistic expression of the background, giving a singular theme to the entire interior setup.

AVOID going for exuberant furniture that cost you more.

CHOOSE minimal furniture elements amongst the plain finished monotonous ones and subtle furniture with natural material to make them ideal for any theme.

5)Flaunt the fabrics

Showcase the details and craftsmanship in the making of the fabric that layer the interior volumes with cover on everything from the handcrafted textures of wall curtains to the depths & details on the upholstered furniture. Be it the designer pieces you’ve always wished for or the classical patterns that exhibit your most treasured legacy, your home interior design would take control. Don’t shy away and make your choices take the spotlight.

AVOID the fabrics that need high maintenance and suitable climatic conditions.

CHOOSE the ones that are ideal for the prevailing conditions of your place, for thick plush fabrics might need high maintenance in the Indian climate. Explore the ranges and select the best interiors in Chennai.

6) Bring the nature inside

What could be more stylish than the touch of nature? Go green with the interiors too to select the best interiors in Chennai that pave ways for landscape in Home Interior design. You could choose from the extensive range of landscape species that would suit your interior room conditions of lighting and ventilation. Soft and hard landscaping options for your home’s architecture goes beyond the plants, with water features, stone walkways etc. Interior gardening techniques such as Zen garden etc. could be effectively incorporated.

AVOID the species that are not native to Indian climate.

CHOOSE the right plant species according to the available lighting and ventilation. Also take the plant maintenance such as Pruning etc. into consideration.

7)Plan the lighting wisely

Take the leverage of altering the incoming daylight by introducing solid or perforated enclosure elements such as perforated covers, free-standing walls, louvers etc. that could also create patterns on the interiors with the light and shadow reflections. You could experiment the lighting architecture principles on home interior design with the options to select best interiors in Chennai and other major Indian cities.

Add aesthetic value with interior lighting brought by the light fixtures creating diverse ambience with warm and cool lighting. Be it the seamless ambient lighting or the beautifying accent lighting or fixtures that express their style features with accent lighting,

AVOID unbalanced or dim lighting that could break the visual quality.

CHOOSE from among the concealed light fixtures, hanging luminaires flaunting their features and central iconic chandelier adding the grandeur.

8) Let the decor reflect your choices

Home Decor could be one way of self-expression. Let your home be a reminder of all your choices across the years, right from the symbol of your childhood memories till the souvenirs that are living reminders of all your travel and shopping experiences. You could even tell a visual story with the assemblage of the various signature pieces and even let it take a central focus in the common room. Select best interiors in Chennai, keeping in mind the value of craftsmanship along with an ability to meet the contemporary trend.

AVOID inharmonious organization of elements.

CHOOSE from among the indigenous metallic ornamentation, embellished royal furnishing or personalized gifts to add a unique flavor of style to the home interior design.

Why wait to make your home an actual style icon? Get set and Paint!

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