Choose Modern Home Interiors for your dream home

Let your dream home meet the trending look of the Modern era you live in! With the wide range of options branching from the Home interior design, every dream theme is closer to you than you think.

The passing age has reflected its evolution by giving the freedom of choice for the human mind. Behold the various faces of Architecture and Interior Design by taking a visual tour of the myriad styles that take advantage of the era.

5 Ideas to bring the modern twist to your dream home:

a) Keep up the ties to past with FUSION style
With the coming of present, the beauty of the past cannot be forgotten. Mix it up to arrive at a fusion style, giving a straightforward intermix of the intricate traditional patterns on the new age colour bases. Express the art of blending the styles that bring forward a revamp of the tradition, making your home, an actual home for ‘all ages’. Witness the harmony in placement of simple solid surfaces of furniture over the complexity of patterns on planar surfaces that give a fresh boost to the architecture and interior design of the space.

Pro tip: Go for the proportional geometric patterns on the background with solid furniture pieces on the foreground of the interior.

b) Set your soul free with QUIRKY style

Your home could be an honest expression of your peculiar interests with the quirky patterns and rich colour tones that bring a juxtaposition of your every choice. Break free from the orders and principles of architecture and interior design, to experiment with the overlay of patterns and textures on everything from the lustrous surfaces of the home décor to the seamless surfaces of the walls. Reflect your confidence with the intensity of chromes reflected within the coloured wall faces of the interiors.

So, if you have decided to go the Modular kitchen way, the following sections are an exhaustive guide to follow through the various steps of installing a modular kitchen in your home.

Pro tip: Brighten up your space with the splash of colours in fabric on everything, from the furniture cover till the wall curtains.

c) Embrace the grace in MINIMALISM

Realize the truest meaning of “Simplicity is Ultimate Sophistication”. Emphasise the interior elements close to your heart by keeping the rest simple. Explore the depths of monotones, the effect of light and shade on the interior surfaces in creating a space that appeals to every eye with equality. Explore every tint and shade of the neutral colours in adding depth to 3 dimensions of the architectural interior surfaces.

Pro tip: Finish the interior look with a touch of natural colours of landscape and furniture.

d) Add details in the LUXURIOUS way
Make every detail of the furniture, fabric and décor come into spotlight with the choice over the right composure of materials. Let your taste in architecture and interior design do all the talking about your lifestyle, with the exuberant metal surfaces and lavish décor immersed in the richness of neutral colour tones. Load the space with sparsely set upholstered furniture that takes value of the vast expanse of the background details. Pro tip: Showcase the lustrous metal décor reflecting the warm light from the classical interior light fixtures.

e) Uncover the INDUSTRIAL looks with the RUSTIC finish

Create a humble ambience in an unadulterated way by giving up on the finishes and getting the exposed surfaces on show. Pick the materials of furniture, wall finishes etc. and overlay them in the interior volumes with harmony. Let the spaces be straightforward with exposed service lines and projected light fixtures that do not shy away within the seamless coverage. Let the intrusion of natural light inside the spaces accentuate the core features of the architecture and interior design of the space.

Pro Tip: Go for deep-coloured metal fixtures over brick or stone finished walls.

f) Live the URBANIST way

Experience the transitional nature of urban life with customisable interior design options that make your home equipped for every occasion. Be it casual or themed, white finished spaces with contemporary architectural planning could make room for every new installation you’ve got your eye on. Let your home interior design be a reflection of your likes and lifestyle, that make your dream home an actual reality.

Pro Tip: Customise the wall faces with photo frames and décor of your choice.

Get inspired from all trends that modern era has ruled with its multi-flavoured architecture and Interior design solutions.
Let your ‘House’ become a ‘Home’ with the high end choices on architecture and interior design.