5 misconceptions about hiring an Interior designer

In India, employing an interior designer or home decorator has since now always been considered a luxury. The impression was that it would prove to be an unnecessary expense, a thought only considered by celebrities and the uber rich. But with the changing times and more and more of our life in the public eye through social media, a lot of people are slowly changing their minds. Everybody now wants a trendy, chic, ‘instagram-worthy’ house.

Home is where the heart is and it is only natural to want this place to be a haven to all its inhabitants. Interior designers do not just increase the aesthetical value of your home; they also improve functionality and comfort levels. This can go a long way in improving your quality of life as a whole.

An interior designer is more relevant today than ever. Here are a few misconceptions people commonly have about hiring interior designersand why you should consider hiring one.

Misconception 1: You spend a lot of money
As unbelievable as it sounds, hiring an interior designer or decorator can help save you money by avoiding costly mistakes. Interior designers also have access to furniture and furnishings directly from the manufacturer and might even be able to get it at a lesser cost. It will also lead to ultimately increasing the value of your home.

To illustrate this point, imagine the scenario when you try to choose furniture. Your instinct would be that the more expensive the item is, the safer the bet is that will look beautiful. But this may not always be the case. What looks good in the showroom may not look good in your home. Same goes for choosing the wrong color paint or curtains. And these are not easily replaceable/ fixablemistakes either.So instead of spending much more money, energy and time than necessary trying to do it yourself, hire a professional interior designer. When done right, interior designing is an investment that can last for a very long time.

In case you are in the building stage of your home, hire an interior designer early on and save even more time and money. The interior decorator will be able to visualize the final picture and can accordingly co-ordinate with the contractor and save you having to make any changes that require additional civil works later on.

Misconception 2: The home will be designed according to the interior designer’s taste
Another idea that most people have which is not true is that the designer will only design the space according to their own taste which will most likely be along the lines of extravagant and upmarket tastes. An interior designer’s first objective is to understand their client’s preferences, tastes and needs. An interior designer works with the aim to bring to reality the best a space can offer. Talented interior designers are trained to transform a space into a reflection of the owners own style.

The initial client-designer discussion will be spent by the designer trying to understand the clients’ requirements as well as try to comprehend their personal style, habits andpersonality. The final space is envisioned to be functional and beautiful reflection of the owners. In case you have pictures of spaces that inspire you, you can always share these with the Interior designer to better communicate your ideas and expectations.

After the first discussion with the interior designer, you will get a draft of the design plan. Ideas keep evolving, in case you are not happy with how it is shaping up feel free to voice your views and explain what you had in mind.

The interior designer will keep giving you options until you are satisfied. But during this process you must remember that the interior designer is a seasoned professional with experience handling many spaces. Even if it doesn’t fit with your expectations giving those ideas a chance might pay off. Be ensured that efforts will also be made by the designer to preserve the house/ room’s natural charm and character.

Incase comfort is your main objective ahead of decorative; the designer will only choose furniture or furnishings along these lines. More often than not the interior designer will provide options that you weren’t even aware of.

Misconception 3: My home is too small / old/ oddfor interior decorating
A lot of people feel that their house is much too small or old to decorate. In actuality, these are the types of spaces which will benefit maximum from interior decorating. A competent interior decorator can transform any space into a beautiful, functional, calming area for the owners to enjoy. Good interior design is applicable to any home without exception. Interior designers are trained to see what ordinary people cannot and get the best out of it.

Interior designers understand the use of color and scale. They utilize the principles of design including balance, contrast and emphasis to manipulate the space and make it look like how we want. Apart from this the interior designer is accessible to a lot more resources than we are and will be able to find the right fittings for your space

As experts in the field, they are trained to visually change even the most challenging space; a feat often impossible to achieve by the owners themselves.

Misconception 4: No sense in investing money on an interior designer in a home I am planning to rent out
In today’s real estate market, houses that are well decorated go for much higher rents than non-decorated homes. This can be checked by comparing two different houses, one decorated, one not, in the same locality. You will see a higher rent rate for the decorated one. Additionally these houses are a lot more in demand.

Interior designing makes the house a lot more attractive not only because it is aesthetically pleasing but also because of the increased functionality, including better storage. People looking to move will not mind paying that extra amount for the use of these amenities that promises to simplify their life. So, just by investing a little bit more in the beginning, the owner gets a raised rental income month on month. Hence, anyone planning on giving a house out for rent can benefit from consulting an interior decorator.

Misconception 5: Finding a good Interior designer is hard
With increasing demand, interior designers have become a lot more accessible. Gone are the days, where interior decorating market was monopolized by a few extremely expensive organizations. You can now find an interior designer at every budget. Before hiring an interior designer look for professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. Also ensure you both agree on a timeline of the project in the beginning itself.

We rely on experts for everything nowadays, from professional hairstylists to investment consultants, so why not our interiors too? A well decorated home is known to create positive energy in the home. Everyone would like a home that is beautiful and above all provides the required space and amenities to work and relax. Interior designers can help you achieve this through their skill, knowledge and access to exclusive collections.

Good design is what makes a house feel like a home. Do not fool yourself into thinking a contractor can double up as an Interior designer. Interior designers are backed by years of learning and experience and specialize in making your dream space a reality.

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