5 reasons you need to remodel your kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home. This room is most frequented by all members of the family as well as guests. Hence it is more than likely that the kitchen have its share of wear and tear.

A clutter-free, stylish and modular kitchen has a lot of advantages. It can help you save a lot of time from your busy day and also make the kitchen much more easy to use and people-friendly. An all-round happier place to be in. So though remodeling your kitchen is a considerably expensive and time consuming experience, the end result makes it all worth it. The new remodeled modular kitchen might even inspire you to try some gourmet cooking by providing all a top chef could possibly need.

Here are five signs which tell you your current kitchen needs an upgrade:

1. Outdated appliances
Old electrical appliances are not only energy draining but can even be considered a fire hazard. The risks associated with working with faulty old appliances far outweigh the cost of buying new ones. A modular kitchen with updated electrical appliances will help save a lot of money and time in the long run.

2. Damage and deterioration
Termites are one of the most common complaints in Indian homes. Water leakage can cause fungal growth and deterioration of wood. This and other factors like wear and tear can cause a kitchen to be damaged well beyond repair. Even if you do a complete pest control treatment, the damage cannot be reversed. Installing a modular kitchen with more durable and resistant material is a good idea in these cases.

3. Kitchen has become over cluttered
Is your kitchen so disorganized and cluttered that you have constant trouble finding things? A badly designed kitchen can have negative impacts and discourage prolonged stay. An inefficient kitchen can lead to a lot of time and energy being wasted. A modular kitchen with a fresh design customized to your requirements is a worthy investment to encourage cooking and eating in your home.

4. Not enough counter space
If your kitchen layout is improperly planned, it could again be a very strong reason why your kitchen is not inviting. Inadequate counter space can even cause accidents. New kitchen designs and trends are introduced every day. Functional innovations, such as under counter refrigerators and kitchen islands with bar stools will enhance your modular kitchen experience.

5. Increase value of home
Thinking of selling your house in the near future? A modular kitchen not only serves to attract potential buyers but also can increase the overall value of the house. Potential home- buyers interested in ready –to- move homes gravitate more to those homes which require little or no remodeling. A more appealing, upgraded kitchen can be a very strong motivating factor for buyers.

But perhaps over all the above reasons, the most dominant thing in most people’s minds before taking up a modular kitchen upgrade is the need of a lifestyle upgrade. So if your home lacks the right energy and ambiance a kitchen makeover may be the right solution to bring your household together. Your family’s need is your biggest motivator.

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