How to design your Modular Kitchen

Most houses/ apartments in India follow a pattern. So if you have just purchased a ready-to-move house, chances are it already comes with a few basics. These will most probably be fixed. So the question goes, “How do I convert this basic kitchen into a modular kitchen in an efficient and cost effective way?”

All kitchens come with a granite slab. It is not feasible to move this and hence one must work around it. The sink position and hob will also probably be pre decided. Measurements to fit the new modular units must be taken around it. Other civil structures like beams, pillars, etc. will also pose restrictions to the design of the modular kitchen and must be considered

So now that we have laid down our boundaries, here is the fun part. Tell your interior decorator exactly what you want. Listed below are all the modular kitchen fittings and particulars. You and the interior designer can put together these items to create your very own dream kitchen

1. Draws, baskets and pull outs: Identify all the space which can be used for storage and decide how many draws, baskets and pull outs can be installed. These provide a great way to organize your kitchen and make the entire kitchen experience a much more favorable one.

2. Finding that sweet spot: With respect to the hob organize all the compartments and storage units according to ease of reach. You can make it as personalized as you wish.

3. Fridge In or Out: In case your kitchen is small it is always a good idea to position the fridge in another location. This will then free that area to install a tall boy unit

4. Open shelves: While open shelves may be a pain to clean, it is always nice to have a couple to display your crockery or things used very often. Install a few in an easily accessible place.

5. Glass windows: A few cupboards can be installed with glass doors for a classy look. If you would rather not have the contents visible, make sure the glass is frosted.

6. Detachable shelves: Installing detachable shelves can be a very good idea. Do it for the lower cabinets, below the counter as this will give you the option of storing taller containers for large volume items.

7. Handles: Do not underestimate the effect of a handle. These also should be chosen along the same lines as the rest of the kitchen. Long handles provide a rich look, while curvy polished handles are more ornamental and decorative.

8. Partition under Sink: Installing a false partition under the sink is also a good idea. Here you can store detergent and other household necessities safely.

9. Finish: Matt finish or glossy finish is purely dependent on your taste and budget.

10. Color: Wood finish is the safest option else it is always recommended to go with a single color. Darker colors may make the kitchen look smaller while light may show up dirt more easily. If you are feeling adventurous go with two or three complementary colors.

The above list is just the basics you should consider while designing your kitchen. But always remember the best modular kitchens are a blend of elegance, ergonomics and efficiency.

Still confused? Contact Sajawat and our in-house interior designers can help you with all the technical know-how to get the best out of your space.