The global crisis scenario of COVID-19 outbreak has led the people shut their doors and look at their interior spaces longer than ever. That being put, it is almost time that the look of your home is re-thought and made as pleasant as possible to beat any potential psychological stress. Looking at the positive side of it, there’s more time to indulge in DIY or plans!

Wait not, get started with this 5 simple tips:


Plants are a great way to add that refreshing tint of green to your house! Get some trendy looking pots or make yourself one, to get the green bundles of oxygen boosters across your space. Start with the species requiring less care and progress your way as an indoor gardener.

Here are our best picks for you to try:

IDEA 1: Leafy plants as a backdrop

Leafy plants are great amazing décor beautifiers. Hide the long stems of those behind the furniture and make the perfect interior scene happen!

IDEA 2: DIY Hanging pots

Repurpose old used house elements for your all new creative version of hanging pots. While reuse, make sure any toxic substance/other are carefully excluded. This bulb pot needs a lot of working that way!


Photographs are the go-to personalization factor in any home! Make your memories float at every nook and corner, so you’ll have tons of stories for your guests. Ditch the albums and frame those scenes with some crafty DIY techniques!

Here are our best picks for you to try:

IDEA 1: A natural wood + blossoms combo

Handmade frames give the personal touch to your photos. Repurpose some old woody pieces or cardboard left-outs and make a collage frame. Make sure you pair it with a befitting décor element, preferably a colourful flower vase.

IDEA 2: Shelving the numbers

Stuck with a number of frames already? Organise them in wall mount shelf and break the monotony of the frames with some books or décor. Try bringing a color theme with the shelf & décor to make it more interesting!


Are your eyes tired of looking at the four walls that have looked the same for years? It’s a time for change! Bring it on with new wall customization or start with just the furniture. Even changing the arrangement of the room can save your eyes from being deprived of flavour.

Here are our best picks for you to try:

IDEA 1: Upholstered furniture to steal the show

Furniture are the primary solids filling the space inside the four walls. Adding a touch of design and details to them could make them the point of attraction! Fabric-wrapped upholstered furniture are a work of art and craftsmanship that could make you forget the old space. Explore DIY or purchase options and get the right fabric for your climatic condition.

IDEA 2: Colourful contrasts along the wall

A mix of chromes wins every interest! Focus your change on your wall with things more than just a mere wallpaper or texture cover. Try bringing light non-dense elements such as relief or 3D finishes that are not heavy-built enough to eat up your space!


Who doesn’t like a good scent? Make your home smell as good as a spa with scents that find the way to calm your body and give some value to your self-care sessions! More than a pretty-looking addition to your bathrooms or powder rooms, the aroma elements is every mini-spa details.

Here are our best picks for you to try:

IDEA 1: A perfect powder room preference

The anti-space between your bathroom and the rest of the space, the powder room is an enclosed space perfect for aromatherapy elements to fill in! The dry area could host everything from the scented substances to the floral additions.

IDEA 2: Colourful contrasts along the wall

Leaving aside the whole subject of “spa-like aromatherapy”, the sweet-smelling flowers still win every space with their natural scent and hydration. Lookout for replacements every next day so that the aura is set just right! Remember, roses aren’t your only option, try some tulips or peace lily!


Book obsession is never an old phenomenon! But do the books looks right? Bookshelves become a giant addition to the visible part of your room and its look is just as importance as the convenience of reach or the “Dewy Decimal System” order of the bookaholic.

Here are our best picks for you to try:

IDEA 1: Wireframe bookshelves

Books are a pride that deserves to be in the open with just the wooden wireframe that could hold their weight with the solid base. Just get the width of the shelf in sync with the width of the books to make the bookshelf be a visibly proud addition to your interior.

IDEA 2: The verticals, horizontals and book ends

A bookshelf is a juxtaposition of vertical arrangements, horizontal arrangements, décor additions and book ends or stoppers, which make it stand as a whole containment of literary pride. Mix them up and get trending book ends that also serve as a décor element. Try getting potted plants that can stand out as aesthetic stoppers!