Bedroom Paint Ideas: What’s Your WARM Colour Personality?

If we said that the colour of your bedroom could reflect your personality, would you go for a second thought?

Space Psychology is a whole new branch of study that explores the connection between personality and colours. If the tint of chromes could calm you, a shade could make you strong. And it goes beyond that to affect your mood with every colour undertone existent. These tones coming in cool or warm tones decide it all!

A cool goer?

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A warmth seeker?

Explore this series on the warm side of your colour personality.

Get your paint ideas as comfy WARM as your warm-colour personality.

Are you the one who is always on fire?


The one who wants the energy of the things set ablaze?


ORANGE is the colour for your bedroom, which lets the natural element of fire, spark the vibe. Imagine waking up to the refreshing glow that awakens your soul along with your eyes! Dynamism doesn’t find extinction until the orange shades colour your room. The best part is that it is a great monotonous base for the warm lights, to let them stay ablaze just as the fire. The orange colour personality finds the power and amplified activity right under the warmth of the fire-tone!

ORANGE PSYCHOLOGY: Orange colour symbolises Excitement, Energy, Creativity and Happiness.


The one seeking the royalty of red adding the tinge of sophistication on every new view?


Are you a Clash royale addict who couldn’t miss the red-undertone themes?


RED is the colour for your bedroom, which reassures the luxury-feels brought by the bold depth of the tone. Imagine looking at the vintage-worthy shades of deep warmth as the first thing in the morning! One unique quality of this warm shade is that it could go with any décor, be it a gold embellishment or a silver lining on the piece! The red personality finds true beauty in that universal backdrop!

RED PSYCHOLOGY: Red colour symbolises Love, Passion, Power and Courage.


Are you a fan of the Korean series by the same name, who couldn’t take your eyes off the sun-lit sceneries?


Are you just too struck with brightness?


YELLOW is the colour for your bedroom, which could let the room stay lit from dusk till dawn. Imagine rising to the warm chromes that could recreate the sunrise within the walls of your room! Your nightlamp could become your sun core while the beautifully treated wall background becomes the backdrop. The yellow personality finds ecstasy in that scenic vibe!

YELLOW PSYCHOLOGY: Yellow colour symbolises Cheer, Confidence, Attention and Optimism.


Are you the one who turns pink on artistry?


The one who is a little more of a baby to go for pink after every blink?


PINK is the colour for your bedroom, which spread the peace with everything like a feather-touch! Imagine looking at the rosy shades of beauty that almost let you mentally create the floral embraces. The beauty of this beautiful colour is that it is the perfect match for every light and deep-coloured interior element. The pink personality encounters enchantment in that flow of colours!

PINK PSYCHOLOGY: Pink colour symbolises of Gentleness, Nurture, Security and Companionship.

Amidst being the complementary colours that appear equally “WARM” for your bedroom, every colour is personal, just as every colour personality is unique.

This summer explore this WARM way to paint, to embrace the “true colors” of the season!

Stay tuned for the next series of colour personalities in the neutral colour tones.

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