Your Bedroom, Your Design

A bedroom is so much more than a place you just sleep in. In today’s world of stressful living, having your very own sanctuary where you can unwind and relax is very important. A well-designed bedroom is a reflection of the owner’s personality providing a safe place to recharge and escape the demands of everyday life. As it is a very personal space, the decor must be determined more on the lines of personal taste rather than generic decor themes. Even just making small changes or adding a few tweaks to your bedroom from the tips given below can help change the tone of the entire room:

Where do I even start ?
Start by defining your own style. The internet and magazines are full of “rules” and “fads” for design ideas. While these are good to be inspired from, don’t get too influenced by them as these may not suit your own personal taste and style. If you favor comfort over uber-luxury then opt for colors and accessories which reflect that. Another good idea is taking inspiration from the room itself. Start with the view. In India, the most common practice is to cover windows with heavy curtains. But while privacy is important, waking up to a beautiful sunrise can do wonders for your mood and well being. So if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view, pick bedroom decor ideas that focus on a vista. The focal point of the bedroom will always be the bed, so take your time while deciding size and style. While picking mattress the only thing that should matter is comfort.

How do I select the bedroom layout?
The layout of the bedroom is determined by the placement of the bed,nightstand, wardrobes, dressing table etc. Begin with the bed. The bed should not be directly next to a window or door, so as while sleeping no light will disturb you. Once the bed is fixed start arranging the furniture with respect to its location. The furniture must not cause any obstruction to the walking space but yetbe conveniently located. There must be enough room for cabinets and doors to open without coming across any obstruction. Find the optimal storage between room size, bed size, storage,and accessories. It must be enough to fit the requirement but not enough to overpower the room. You can even pick furniture that is multi-purpose if space is a constraint.

How should I select the right decor accessories and color schemes?
When it comes to decor and color, the options are limitless. Remember to pick a decor scheme that will be appropriate for all your moods. While picking a vibrant and right color scheme of yellow and pink might seem attractive now, remember that this a permanent choice and may prove to become annoying at some point. Choosing a basic neutral colorpalette and then adding accessories, like lampshades, rugs, pillows etc. with splashes of color are a much safer option. Colors are a big influence on your mood and can determine your sleep pattern as well. For example, green and blue are cool and soothing while shades of brown and orange give a feeling of warmth. Understated elegance is a good look to aspire to. Bed linen is an important contributor to bedroom decor. Choose good quality options which are most cozy and inviting to you.

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