Bedroom Paint Ideas: What’s Your NEUTRAL Colour Personality?

Bedroom designs need not be all about the colors. If your personality is between the coal-deep and the feather-light, the neutral colors in your personal space like a bedroom would be a delight that your soul could relish every day. Every wall of your private bedroom space could speak about your un-colored personality, if you hit the right juxtaposition of shades. Explore how your bedroom can still slay the vintage-mimicking neutrals, just as in the black & white movies.

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You could see a person’s true colours only when there is no color at all. What if the person is you? Explore which kind a no-color color is right for you!
9. Peacekeeper

Are you the one who seeks the flawless purity with pristine white?


The one who swings the white flag for peace?


WHITE is the colour for your bedroom, which lets you witness nature in its purest form. Imagine waking up to the paradisiacal cloudy white tints that symbolise delicate nature and tenderness! White reflects light along with reflecting your own self out to the world, making it an EXTROVERT’s CHOICE.

Your ideal choice of décor: Metal décor stand out from the whitewashed bases, to flaunt their lustre, while declicate ceramics add a subtle mix of density and design daintiness to the backdrop.

Your ideal choice of backdrop: It is a sin to call a white backdrop plain. It could either become the clean canvas awaiting décor or a finely textured base where shadows take care of the appeal and dynamism.

10. Mad over Mocha

Are you a bit too caffeine-holic to want coffee in every place your eyes go to?


The one who wants to unleash the mocha-madness with the designer coffee table?


BROWN is the colour for your bedroom, which lets you get the caffeine recharge right by seeing it. Imagine waking up to a backdrop that would complement your bed coffee with the mocha shades that are as soothing as the coffee. You could be energetic and calm at the same time!

Your ideal choice of décor Mocha is perfect for “the complementary” more than “the constrasts”. A darker woody shade, along with the lighter tints, will indeed create a creamy-to-dreamy experience.

Your ideal choice of backdrop: A plain brown backdrop is perfect for everything from minimal to baroque-rococo style of interiors.

11. Mr.Grey

Are you as classy as Mr.Grey?


Just a Mister who loves grey grace with a luxurious trace?


GREY is the colour for your bedroom, which lets you get the right balance with colour racism. Imagine experiencing the black-white in-between shade, which is all open to embrace every colour of interior elements. No wonder grey is a perfect match for multiple colours!

Your ideal choice of décor: Warm lights shine with enchanting accents over the cold dull greys, creating an ambience that is subtle and comforting.

Your ideal choice of backdrop: Greys have ruled history by being ideal vintage choices for light-toned beadboards or wainscoating treatments. In contemporary interiors, it breaks the linearity and finds freedom with textured cemented wall faces.

12. The cream-dreamer

Are you as classy as Mr.Grey?


Are you the one who would rather go for a sugar-coated creamery?


OFF-WHITE is the colour for your bedroom, which lets you go off the white, without leaving the delicate, serene look of the light shade. Imagine being in the space where everything from breakfast coffee-cream to the evening snack-worthy marshmallows, will look like they belong to the space and its creamy-appeal. Time to get a cheesy dip for your bedroom wall!

Your ideal choice of décor: Natural textures, be it the green plants or the tree-sourced wood, will be a great addition for the subtly-bleached cream backgrounds.

Your ideal choice of backdrop: Coming in the tones of the white with an earthen twist, off-white is ideal for anything that is raw-earth based, that could stand as reminders of everything from the soft sands till the light sea shells.

13. The deep one

Are you the one who is more than just skin deep?


The one who has a colourful mind locked inside a black-loving torso?


BLACK is the colour for your bedroom, which lets you sink into the depths of your own. Imagine going to sleep at a place that is as worry-sucking as a black hole, breaking all ties with the physical world. But black does shrink the room along with your thoughts, making it an INTROVERT’s CHOICE.

Your ideal choice of décor: Dark interiors are as universal as the bleached-light interiors where a traditional touch and a contemporary touch both win. The golds or golden browns are just perfect to accentuate the value of the depth in color.

Your ideal choice of backdrop: Deep interiors will never be the darkest since nature never allows anything escape the light. Take advantage of the deep colours and add some textured, 3d patterns that bring a great light-shadow interplay.

Which color personality best suits you? Share your thoughts with us!

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